Cess Pits and Septic Tanks can be easily confused.  Simply; Cess Pits hold sewage and then need to be pumped out by vacuum tankers in their entirety while Septic Tanks hold sewage and allow the settled liquor to be discharged at higher level onto land drainage dispersion systems or watercourses.  Anaerobic sewage treatment is a more scientific terms for septic sewage degradation.  Septic tanks are possibly the oldest form of sewage treatment where sewage is left to degrade without oxygen.  The first description of the process system is recorded to be Monsieur Mouras in 1862 in France, however the process had been used for many centuries without a clear scientific understanding.  However a British Engineer, Mr D Cameron, patented the term “Septic Tank” in 1895.  In these early days the term septic was a different way to describe bacterial degradation of sewage.  As the years have passed, septic tanks have proved to be robust and reliable manner of sewage treatment.  Even today, plastic tanks fabricated from GRP are frequently used as contemporary sewage treatment systems, especially in rural locations.  

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