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Sewage can be easily described as the wastewater from houses.  The exact description however can be separated into various forms of wastewater.  Foul wastewater is mainly used to describe the discharge from toilets and this then can be diluted with sink waste and washing machine and dishwasher wastewater.  Commercial and industrial wastewater can be composed of various process wastewater with heavy material carried within a aqueous solution as well as fatty or oily deposits which can float rather than remain in suspension.

Sewerage describes the system which collects wastewater from smaller drainage systems.  The various municipal water authorities which are now publicly owned have a responsibility to operate and maintain these sewerage system to facilitate good levels of public health.

Collecting and conveying sewage and wastewater through these ever larger pipes and tunnels then leads to large sewage treatment systems.  These historically need to be located at good sized rivers which can accommodate treated effluent flows without killing the aquatic life.  Many decades ago, little care was taken over the environmental impact of these discharges into the natural environment but now the ability of the natural environment to accommodate the artificial pollution is diligently governed and managed by authorities like the Environment Agency to safeguard nature and our children’s future.

Our experts can provide diagnostic services as well as independent assistance on the many and varied treatment systems and processes that have been developed over the years to provide practical and robust long term solutions to sewage treatment and disposal.


Case Studies


  • Fort Belvedere, Sunningdale
  • HillviewFarm, Canterbury
  • Biddenden Farmhouse, Kent
  • 30 Property Community System in Sussex
  • 10 Property Rural System in Kent
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