Professional Services

Free Flow is managed by a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years of professional experience of drainage and sewage expertise.  This work has included all aspects of sewage management and drainage systems throughout all regions and countries of UK as well as countries through Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

Our professional services include:

- Independent investigation and diagnosis of sewage and drainage issues;

- Expert professional advice and witness;

- Assessment of technical problems;

- Analysis of Interpretation of inefficient systems;

- Investigations into systems failure;

- Preparation of engineering diagnosis reports;

- Development of options and recommendations;

- Cost Analysis and programming of works.

Case Studies


  • Sewage Treatment Investigation Seaton, Devon, UK
  • Expert Witness Investigation in Essex, UK
  • Banbury Flood Protection Scheme, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Drainage Diagnostic Investigation, North West Turkey
  • Interceptor Sewer, Athens, Greece
  • Flood Investigations, Philippines
  • Strategic Drainage Improvements, Bucharest, Romania
  • Lake Investigation, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Strategic Water Management Plan, Karun River, Iran
  • Chennai Groundwater Investigation, India
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Free Flow is a professional drainage and sewage solutions company which is based in Kent and operates effectively throughout the UK.
Our team of engineers and technicians are fully trained to provide the skills and experience that is required to operate safely and professionally in the widest range of locations, sites and working environments.
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