Free Flow is managed by a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years of professional experience of drainage and sewage expertise. This work has included all aspects of sewage management and drainage systems throughout all regions and countries of UK as well as countries through Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East...

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Free Flow is equipped and experienced in supplying both proactive and reactive drainage maintenance services to clients...

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Free Flow has decades of experience of carrying out drainage and sewerage surveys.This work has included confined spaces working in potentially dangerous conditions and environments...

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The management of sewage to centralised treatment and processing sites is a necessary process for civilised society. These systems can range from single property cess pits, septic tanks, sewage treatment systems to larger municipal systems...

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Free Flow has been involved in predicting and assessing flood risk for our clients for over twenty years. This assessment includes the interpretation of historic flood experience as well as predicting flood risk in the future, including the effects of climate change...

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Free Flow has the experience and resources to carry out entire new drainage systems as well as the replacement of sections and elements of defective sections. We have also installed numerous large Type 1 and Bypass Interceptors for industrial and large area car parking areas throughout the South East of England...

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Free Flow is an established Sewage and Drainage Solutions company.

We operate from our head office in the South East of England and provide independent professional services, maintenance and construction services.

The company prides itself on our responsiveness to our clients' needs as well as providing value independent services.

About Us - Free Flow Ltd
Free Flow is a professional drainage and sewage solutions company which is based in Kent and operates effectively throughout the UK.
Our team of engineers and technicians are fully trained to provide the skills and experience that is required to operate safely and professionally in the widest range of locations, sites and working environments.
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